Hole by Hole Course Tour

hole 01 – gallery
1st HolePAR 4
This is a generous opening hole, with one of our wider fairways. The fairway has a rather pronounced swale right in the middle, which kicks many balls down into a large fairway collection area. Two large oak trees frame the left side of the fairway and two bunkers on the right give you a reference point for your tee shot.
410 Yards 381 Yards 353 Yards 316 Yards
hole 02 – gallery
2nd HolePAR 4
Hole two gives lots of golfers trouble. Too many of them pull out their driver and whale away, and this is a hole that puts a premium on staying in the fairway. Any club that gets you 220 yards is the right club. The hole doglegs to the right, and any driver hit straight will probably take you through the fairway into a native grass area.
382 Yards 346 Yards 317 Yards 279 Yards
hole 03 – gallery
3rd HolePAR 4
Hole three is almost as wide as the first fairway, and it is very flat and open – no swales. You can see all the way from the tee to the green. There are fairway bunkers on the right that will catch errant drives, but it really is an easy driving hole. The green is enormous – at 9,000 square feet it’s the biggest green on the course.
446 Yards 406 Yards 368 Yards 301 Yards
hole 04 – gallery
4th HolePAR 3
Number four is our cemetery hole. It’s a short 176 yard par three, and the graves of several long dead children are in a fenced area just behind the right of the trees. Anything behind the green or to the left is real trouble. If you are going to miss the green, be short, and you had better be straight.
176 Yards 149 Yards 124 Yards 110 Yards
hole 05 – gallery
5th HolePAR 4
People who know golf courses really appreciate number five. About 225 yards into the fairway there is a dip that gives you an uphill approach to the green. It’s a blind approach shot if the pin is not on the front of the green. It’s lots of fun getting to the green and seeing where your ball is.
374 Yards 351 Yards 326 Yards 296 Yards
hole 06 – gallery
6th HolePAR 5
Number six gives the golfer the most spectacular vista on the front nine. It’s a par 5, 512 yards long. Two big trees form a sort goal post on the left of the fairway. If the wind is from the south, and it often is, you would do well to hit your drive into the fat part of the fairway, which leaves you about 250 yards to the green.
512 Yards 463 Yards 431 Yards 341 Yards
hole 07 – gallery
7th HolePAR 4
Number seven is a difficult par 4, 458 yards straight uphill. With a good tee shot, you are still 200 yards out, going uphill, on your second shot. It is easier to make a 4 on number six than it is on number seven. There is plenty of fairway, but if you are way off line to the right you are in a forest.
458 Yards 396 Yards 366 Yards 248 Yards
hole 08 – gallery
8th HolePAR 3
Number eight is a straight forward par 3. Hit it on the green, two-putt and run is the best plan here. It is 188 yards from the back tee, but you are high above the green and it plays shorter. There is a small lake between the tees and green, and getting over the water is step one. If you’re too short, you’re in the water – too long and you are in the sand.
188 Yards 162 Yards 140 Yards 126 Yards
hole 09 – gallery
9th HolePAR 4
Hole number nine is a 456 yard par 4, and if you hit a good drive and it doesn’t get on top of the hill, you are playing from the wrong tees. The landing area for drives is level with the green, but there is a huge swale between there and the green. The green is 44 yards deep, and is long and thin.
456 Yards 426 Yards 396 Yards 378 Yards
hole 10 – gallery
10th HolePAR 4
The back nine offers some great river views. Hole 10 doglegs to the left and there is a large bunker on the left about thirty yards short of the green. If you hit your second shot left of the bunker, it is funneled down into a collection area. The green is nice and big, and is one of our rounder greens. If the pin is up front, it is an easy hole.
440 Yards 389 Yards 364 Yards 305 Yards
hole 11 – gallery
11th HolePAR 3
Number 11 is another par 3 over water from tees well above the green. It is 202 yards from the back tees. The green is two tiered and slopes from back to front. The toughest pin placement is to the back and left. Anything short runs back down to the front of the green and you have a long uphill putt.
202 Yards 156 Yards 127 Yards 125 Yards
hole 12 – gallery
12th HolePAR 5
Golfers love number 12 because you are hitting from an elevated tee to a bowl-shaped fairway, where everything kicks back to the middle. The fairway is generous, and is rippled all the way to the green. There is a big bunker in front of the green, but anything to the left or right of the green offers up a good chance for a decent chip.
566 Yards 536 Yards 521 Yards 436 Yards
hole 13 – gallery
13th HolePAR 4
13 offers your first glimpse of the Platte River. It’s a 423 yard par 4, uphill all the way. There is no bunker on this hole because it doesn’t need one. It’s a narrow fairway, and you need to be long and you need to be straight. There are big grass hollows to the left of the hole, and they are roomy enough to collect off-line shots.
423 Yards 400 Yards 374 Yards 346 Yards
hole 14 – gallery
14th HolePAR 4
Number 14 is a 424 yard par 4, with a two level fairway, squeezed between a steep bluff on the left and the slope down to the Platte and the BNSF railroad tracks on the right. There are bunkers to the right, short of the green. From the lower fairway you have to hit over them. Any shot off-line to the right is gone. This is a tough par 4.
424 Yards 396 Yards 361 Yards 318 Yards
hole 15 – gallery
15th HolePAR 3
15 starts the string of four finishing holes that are as good as the four finishing holes anywhere. Fifteen is 183 yards across part of the old quarry, a huge hole in the ground. The green is thin, and there are a couple of pot bunkers short of the green to prevent short shots from rolling back into the quarry.
183 Yards 175 Yards 135 Yards 80 Yards
hole 16 – gallery
16th HolePAR 4
16 is a great hole, 454 yards, par 4. The upper tees give a spectacular view of the course and the river. The tee box is said to be the highest point in Cass County. The fairway is wide and generous, and the elevated tees give people confidence. The green is two-tiered, long and thin front to back, with a great big swale in the middle.
454 Yards 408 Yards 402 Yards 325 Yards
hole 17 – gallery
17th HolePAR 4
17 is the hole everyone talks about, a 394 yard par 4. The tee is some 80 feet above the fairway, which is part of the old quarry floor. The hole really isn’t very hard, because most drives go a long way as they come down off the hill, and you are hitting to the green with a short iron.
394 Yards 376 Yards